Possibility of YouTube marketing strategy engagement

Using YouTube for marketing can and will help immensely, but to market well users need engagement and the ability to gain more viewers. Increasing viewer engagement need not be hard at all with your YouTube videos.

Thanks to Quicksprout, they have created a superb infographic titled “How to Increase Your YouTube Engagement by 374%”, and where we come from that is a big number.

The infographic below is for those wishing to use online content marketing by using YouTube videos, if this is the case then please do read on.

154% more clicks are by women for YouTube videos with a thumbnail that stands out, only 64% for men. +96% CTA on emails with a YouTube video embedded, +51% subscriber-to-lead conversion rate on emails with embedded YouTube videos. +40% engagement for videos longer than one minute when engagement is defined as watching an entire video, only +12% Facebook page visits after watching a video features non-celebrities, it seems real people garner more trust.

The infographic looks into ‘Best Practices’, such as filling out a detailed description of the video with good headlines is a must, and use the right tags to suit your video as well. Always remember that Meta data is essential to your YouTube video because search-engine users find it.

We will not go into any more detail, as it will spoil the infographic, other topics include alternative thumbnails, annotations, consistency and much more.

How to Increase Your YouTube Engagement by 374%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Possibility of YouTube engagement marketing strategy