Twitter retweet refresh comment button

Twitter is reportedly working on a new retweet refresh named “retweet with comment button”, which will allow more than the standard 140 characters.

When a Twitter users currently retweet they have to count the characters already in the tweet, then somehow they have to add their own characters without going over the 140 max characters. With the new ‘Retweet Button’ this will provide more space for users to add more of how they feel.

Twitter users love to add their own words of wisdom so to speak, so it makes sense to allow them to add more characters after the original tweets characters.

“Retweet with Comment,” reported by Mashable goes into detail about the new experiment, it makes sense to hit the retweet button and allowing that user to add their own 140 characters.

How would you like the new “Retweet with Comment” to work?

Twitter retweet refresh comment button