Facebook search down problem only temporary

Facebook has been having a few issues since June 23; the main problems happened late at night and mainly consisted of log in, search, pictures, and post messages and in some cases total outage.

A few complaints came in late last night regarding Facebook being down when social members tried to log in, we seem to be getting a lot of complaints surrounding ‘Facebook Search’ where in the evening it worked fine and then this morning it did not.

A few other complaints said Facebook Search did not work in the evening but did this morning, one Facebook user said they were having issues with the News Feed not being able to show any new stories, where they were unable to click on ‘More Stories’.

What we have to all understand is that Facebook is growing fast, more and more members are joining each day and outage problems will occur. We cannot expect a large social network such as Facebook to run smoothly. The downtime was only temporary, as soon as people encountered problems the site was back up and running before to much of an headache set in.

OSM noticed a little down time with Facebook but it was a matter of minutes the problem occurred – Are you having Facebook issues?

Facebook search down problem only temporary

  • karim babaei

    karim babaei