Using social media to promote your online tools

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most powerful and valuable ways of promoting a full range of online tools. It is most effective as it a way of getting your tools noticed, usually by means of someone referring your services or complimenting your tools.

This kind of personal good review inspires more people to use the tools that you provide, thus making your services desirable. The more good comments you get, traditional reviews or social media reviews, the more likely it is that more people will become interested in using your tools.

One of the best things about promoting your tools via the social networking sites is that it doesn’t cost you anything unlike advertising methods such as Google Ad Words, which requires a lot of financial investment in order to see a return. All you need to do is set up profiles on all of the major social networking sites and start engaging with the potential users of your tools by posting messages, offering discounts, telling people of your tools.

You will start to gain followers who will share and like your comments making your social networking profile display to more and more people, vastly growing your target audience.

Here are the social networking sites you need to set up a profile with. Some profiles will take longer than others, do not rush completing your profile, complete it fully and put in plenty of information so people know what tools you provide and why they should use them.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular social networking sites, it is essential you complete a twitter profile and start engaging as soon as you can. Twitter profiles take seconds to set up as the character space is limited, and it gives you the option to link to your website.

With over 200 million users, this is one of the most powerful ways of promoting your tools, simply start a Facebook page and share the link, people can become a fan of your page and as you gain more fan you are given access to more statistics from Facebook on how your page is performing, along with how individual posts have ranked, highlighting any viral posts.

More of a business social networking site, LinkedIn brings professionals together, creating networks. This is perhaps the lengthiest of profiles to complete, if you fill it all out, but it is worth it. LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular with over 41 million users worldwide.

Create circles of friends on Google +, set up a profile, post interesting content and ask for feedback or comments. Use the multi-user chat tool to speak to users of your services to gain feedback.

Create a YouTube channel for to showcase your tools, and regularly add useful and relevant videos and engage and encourage others to share and like the videos by adding a description.

You can add a live feed of your social networking sites to display on your website, thus engaging the users of your website more. Some of these social networking sites can be linked together, so that as you post to one, it automatically copies to the ones linked to it. This makes it much easier and quicker to keep on top of all of your social networking profiles.

To promote your tools quickly, cheaply, effectively and to a vast amount of people, fully use the wonders that are social networking sites.

Using social media to promote your online tools