Google plus engagement strategies with active users

So many people tried to write of Google Plus but the social networking site is not going anywhere too soon, in fact it is going strong and all people need to do is use it to their advantage. Using Google Plus within your marketing unite will show more presence, engagement strategies with active users can boost your followers.

The infographic below shows Google Plus users the best ways to engage and improve, with over 300,000,000+ in-stream active users; it can according to a study by Janrain surpass Facebook by May 2016.

So many people ask, “Why is there a need to be on Google Plus,” maybe because 22% of online adults use Google Plus on a monthly basis, 42% use Google Plus to interact with brands’ content and 70% of the top 100 brands are using Google Plus. If you take a look at the user interactions with brands’ posts Facebook stats show 0.073% and Google Plus is not far behind with 0.069%.

To engage is all about first impressions, the first thing users see is your profile photo, cover photo and about description, make these count.

The infographic also goes into perfecting your Google Profile, creating and managing Circles, being involved and active, communities’; sharing is key and much more.

Do you engage well on Google Plus?

How To Improve Engagement on GooglePlus - infographic

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Google plus engagement strategies with active users