2014 World Cup Cheer meter numbers

The football tournament of the year is well under way and all the brands, players and nations are getting a lot of cheers at the moment. Throughout the whole tournament the Socialbakers World Cup Cheer Meter will let you know the full numbers.

The Socialbakers 2014 World Cup Cheer Meter is a brilliant set-up, which allows football fans all around the world to see who and what is trending. The teams, players, brands all go head-to-head in winning the most cheers.

At the time of writing this, the Cheer meter reached 22,105 cheers in last hour. On June 12 there were 5,182,534 mentions and then it died down slightly.

When Colombia played Greece Columbia got the most cheers of 198 compared to Greece’s 18, Uruguay vs Costa Rica with 67 and 51 respective, England on the Socialbakers cheer meter page sees them with 160 cheers with Italy falling behind with 117 cheers.

Cote d’Ivoire vs Japan cheers are 8 and 39 respective. When it comes to the top 5 World Cup 2014 players Neymer (@neymarjr) has come out on top with 2,745,482 cheers, Cesc Fàbregas (@cesc4official) 478,244 cheers and Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) gets 420,674 the other two include Robin Van Persie (@Persie_Official) and Iker Casillas (@CasillasWorld) with 373,237 and 196,758 respective.

The top 5 World Cup teams on the Socialbakers cheer meter list include Brazil at the top with 254,777 cheers, Mexico 31,562, Spain 30,773, Croatia 26,520 and England in number 5 with 23,866 cheers.

The stats also show top brands of all-time, top brands of today, it also shows live social media from Twitter and Instagram.

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2014 World Cup Cheer meter numbers