ITV’s Twitter goalface selfie during Brazil vs. Croatia

Just after the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony the first game to kick off is Brazil vs. Croatia, live coverage of the match will be today June 12 at 7PM UK time on ITV Player (desktop/iOS) and on ITV.

In match video clips, live Opta stats and the match commentary can be seen over on, and to be a part of the action ITV have set-up the brilliant Goalface webpage.

ITV would like World Cup supporters to show them your #goalface @itvfootball, so far there has been 2029 Goal Face mentions and now it is time for you to show your best #goalface selfie during the match.

Goalface @itvfootball is in partnership with Sony and by using Twitter fans can share their Goalface with World Cup fans. Just head on over to and click on the ‘Tweet #goalface’ button, once you have clicked this button it will ask you to share your photo by dragging and dropping an image, or by clicking to select a photo.

You can also visit this Twitter hashtag as well #goalface.

The ITV Goalface page also allows you to add your own faces, as well as viewing the best #goalface posts. Visitors also have the chance of voting for the best #goalface of the day! Please do share your #goalface selfie as we would love to see them as well.

Have you added your goalface selfie yet, and who will win the Brazil vs. Croatia game tonight?

ITV's Twitter goalface selfie during Brazil vs. Croatia