Gmail email address bug could’ve been a nightmare

After a major bug was found in Google’s Gmail found by Tel Aviv-based security researcher Oren Hafif, he was rewarded with payment for his help.

The email-stealing bug had the ability to extract Gmail addresses, in a nutshell exposing all Gmail ID’s around the world, this was discovered by security researcher Oren Hafif based in Israel as reported by Wired.

Google has now fixed the bug and they have rewarded Hafif with $500, this bug could have been around for years and thanks to Hafif the issue has been eradicated.

The Gmail bug would not have stolen passwords but it would have made spam a nightmare for users, vulnerable would be the word. It could have made users more impervious to phishing attacks and other nasty emails.

If you watch the video below it explains more about Gmail delegation feature, users may not know that this feature could grant other people access to your own Gmail account, Hariff said this could be done by going to account settings, and select “Add another account”

To break it down the ‘delegate’ access feature of Gmail could easily be entered and exploited. He went on to report that within the URL page just by simply changing a single character he accessed different accounts, by doing so he gained access to 37,000 Gmail addresses within just a 2-hour period.

It took Google 2 months to sort out a fix for the Gmail bug, most would say Hafif should’ve got more than $500 from Google, he should be getting thousands – What are your views on the Gmail bug and how much do you believe Hafif should’ve got paid by Google?

Please read in full detail over on Oren Hafifs’ website here – In-depth.

Gmail email addresses bug could’ve been nightmare