World Cup football social media stats and facts

The World Cup 2014 has had many football fans on the edges of their seats, and when it comes to social media Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other sites will be going ballistic.

Social media will be going crazy every time a single game is played, below is a brilliant infographic courtesy of Fisch Design and Status Social and they go into the World Cup social media stats.

The most influential World Cup player of all time to date on Twitter is Cristiano Ronaldo with just over 26 million followers, the stats below were taken just over a week ago so would have climbed since then. Neymar has over 10 million Twitter followers; Wayne Rooney, Gerard Pique and Andres Inietsa all have just over 8 million.

The most controversial football moment when it comes to YouTube views is Diego Maradona ‘Hand of God’ with 6 million views. In Mexico 1986 the striker scored by punching the ball with his arm, which went over goalie Peter Shilton.

The least popular football federation on Facebook is Switzerland FA, and the most tweeted about match in 2010 was Japan vs Denmark with 3283 tweets per second, check out this years prediction below.

What World Cup 2014 game will be the most talked about on social media?

World Cup football social media stats - infographic

World Cup football social media stats - infographic