The Secret Service social media analytics subscription

Seems like The U.S. Secret Service are not happy with sarcasm or false positives, so much so they want total access to historical twitter data. The agency has put forward for a new social media analytics subscription, which is a tool to monitor online activities such as tweets and posts etc.

The Secret Service social media analytics subscription has many functions’ within the software, one being a tool to automatically monitor social media with the ability to search through historic tweets, locate users and search in multiple languages, but most of all the facility to detect sarcasm.

The new tool would have to be compatible with Windows Explorer 8 and above, the Secret Service response date is June 9, 2014 5:00 pm Eastern.

The required functions within the new social media analytics subscription software includes real-time stream analysis, sentiment/trend analysis, audience segmentation customizable keyword search features, access to historical twitter data, ability to detect sarcasm and false positives, standard web browser access with login credentials and many more.

For more information please visit the and the official computer based annual social Media analytics subscription work order here. In a way this is snooping according to the general public, some may believe the public have the right to speak freely on Twitter so what gives the Secret Service the right to access Twitter users historic data.

They do not mind the public tweeting, commenting and posting online as long as there is no sarcasm or false positives.

Do you think the Secret Service should be granted with the new social media analytics subscription?

The Secret Service social media analytics subscription