Pinterest ads and users utilization study 2014

As part of the Ahology Pinterest media consumption study for 2014, AdWeek have a really interesting infographic illustrated by Carlos Monteiro.

The infographic looks into many things, but most interesting is that users will accept Promoted Pins if they add value. 73% of active Pinterest users are neutral to positive about Promoted Pins, 45% said they worry about the ads not fitting in with the platform’s spirit of sharing organic content.

The stats when it comes to Promoted Pins are as follows, 20% do not like the ads and do not want to see them at all, 18% said they would seem out of place, 16% worry they will not be relevant, 11% they do not like the content being forced onto them. 10% believe Promoted Pins are annoying or stupid, 7% said they had no gripes at all with them, 6% are not sure and 5% said they do not like the marketing/selling aspect.

The infographic also explains more about brand marketing, destinations of daily users clicking through pins, top Pinterest categories, top 10 brands you may want to follow, demographics and more.

It is rather interesting in what users think of the Pinterest Promoted Pins, how do you feel about them?


Pinterest ads and users utilization study 2014 main pic