Manage Google Plus Circles with new Circloscope

A new improved version of Circloscope, which allows users to manage their Google Plus Circles, will be released to the general public soon.

The latest news reports there are 140 beta testers trying to find any faults with the newly improved version of Circloscope, you can install it right now over on Google Chrome but the new release of Circloscope is scheduled for June 2014.

Circloscope will help Google Plus users find people that do not follow back, many Google Plus users are inactive and if this is the case you can remove them, it is a great G+ tool because it gives users the ability to add and remove people from Circles in bulk.

If you choose the free version of Circloscope you will get the following features, list of people in your circles, list of inactive Google+ users in your circles, list of people that do not follow back or are inactive, list of duplicates, relevant people, members from any community, people who have reshared and +1’d a post, people in a shared circle, as well as the ability to import the list of Google+ users from a web page and much more.

If you opt for the Premium features, which you do have to pay for ($47/Year) users will get these extra things on top of the free stuff, extras include the ability of adding people to your circles in mass, removing people from your circles in mass and exporting people information to CSV format.

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Manage Google Plus Circles with new Circloscope