LinkedIn success stories under new brand campaign

Social networking site for professionals LinkedIn has just launched a new brand campaign in the UK; the “Picture Yourself campaign” is all about the dream and driving brand perception for its 15 million UK members.

Many members have used LinkedIn to get where they want to go, the social networking site is all about, “What’s your dream?” and the video below titled ‘If you can dream it, you can accomplish it’ looks into this a little more.

We all know everyone has dreams, goals and of course driving ambition and if you want something so bad you can achieve it, LinkedIn offers millions of professionals the chance to reach them thanks to the tools they have at hand.

All you need to do is picture yourself where you want to be and let LinkedIn help you get there, please visit for more information and the step in the right direction. The integrated campaign features social elements, dedicated PR and content, which was created by LinkedIn with a hand from creative agency BMB.

The campaign will run for a month across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, Peter Maxmin, the director of consumer marketing at LinkedIn, said: “Our members often tell us amazing stories about the difference using the platform has made in their professional lives.

Has LinkedIn helped you get where you want to be?

LinkedIn success stories under new brand campaign