Yahoo vs YouTube Ad revenues in summer rivalry

YouTube is the largest online video sharing website out there, but it now seems Yahoo is all set to become Google’s rivals with its own video sharing site. Yahoo is hoping to release its new online video rival to YouTube by the end of summer; all they are waiting for is final contracts to be resolved with content creators.

Yahoo are in the middle of talks with video producers, who are hoping to get on board the best talent with better ad revenue-sharing deals than YouTube according to Ad Age.

Video creator community chats have been underway since the beginning of the year, and Yahoo are recruiting producers that have been packaged as part of Google Preferred. This means brand advertisers could possibly purchase videos produced by the top 5% of creators.

CEO Marissa Mayer will adapt original programming, which will be a lot smaller than Amazon and Netflix; Mayer has even hired the likes of Katie Couric for hosting an online news program with interviews.

YouTube users were not too happy when Google decided to use its own Google Plus commenting system; Yahoo should not make the same mistake and use its own commenting set-up.

Another thing Yahoo should take note on is the taking of ad revenue, Google takes 45% of ad revenue on YouTube, Ad Age reports Yahoo will offer a split more in favor of the creator or even a higher ad rate overall. Yahoo video creators can choose either a fixed ad rate of about 50% or 100% higher than YouTube’s average net ad rate. YouTube is on average $9.68 cost per-thousand impressions in the U.S.

Can Yahoo compete against the likes of YouTube?

Yahoo vs YouTube Ad revenues in summer rivalry