Amber Alert, Facebook reunites baby with mother

Little baby Victoria who went missing in Quebec was found thanks to four teenagers an Amber Alert and Facebook. They heard about the Amber Alert after the baby was snatch from a hospital, this is when the four decided to go and look for the little girl.

The little baby who was only one-day old was taken from the hospital in Quebec has now been reunited with her mother, a woman dressed up as a nurse and said she will just check the baby’s weight. Once the baby was noticed as missing the alert went viral across social media including a picture of the suspect from CCTV.

The four Facebook users tipped off police because they recognised the woman who took the baby, so they went to her apartment where they saw the lights on and patio door open. A lady in her mid-20s was arrested.

Amber Alerts can be a life safer and we recommend you visiting the Missing Kids website where they give you a list of states where you can get Amber Alerts in your Facebook News Feed.

Mother Melissa McMahon Facebook profile post said her child was only 16 hours old when she was abducted; the ALERT was cancelled when McMahon was reunited with her baby.

It goes to show both Amber Alerts and Facebook, or any other social media site come to think of it can help immensely when finding missing people. CNN reported the mothers post was shared 18,000 times on Facebook, but it has now reached 20,395 shares.

Have you ever found a missing person on Facebook before?

Amber alert, Facebook reunites baby with mother