Gmail calendar invitation feature being removed in July

Google Gmail users might soon need to say farewell to a characteristic permitting them to add calendar invites straight from within their emails.

If you visit the Google Product Forums the community managers mention the ‘Insert Invitation No Longer Supported’ the feature will be removed because not many people are using it in a nutshell, ‘Low Usage’ were the exact words.

Google users will still be able to create invites from Google Calendar, please visit here to learn more about creating an event from the calendar list.

Many Google Mail users will ask the same question, “Why is Google no longer supporting the feature anymore,” apparently like we said above low usage from Gmail users and other features get more use.

Google will still support invitation creation; it will just be found in a different area and not from Google Calendar. The removal of the Gmail Calendar invitation (“insert invitation”) will stop being available from July 2014.

So to break it down Gmail users will be able to send email invitations from Google Calendar, but they will not have the ability to use the “insert invitation” feature from the date provided above.

When users send an invite they might see a message about the above, majority of users from user workflow point of view will not like this news.

What are you views on Google removing the Gmail calendar invitation feature?

Gmail calendar invitation feature being removed next month