Thailand Army declares martial law and social media suspension

Thailand’s armed forces have declared martial law and reports said they want to suspend all online and social media deemed inflammatory. They are asking for cooperation from these entities to censor any messages leading to unrest or statements critical of the army’s operations.

Events were dramatic leaving 28 people dead and over 800 injured after the devastating protests, which is now in the hands of the military. This comes after the Southeast Asian nation’s caretaker prime minister declined to step down, which has led to six months of hostile government demonstrations that have neglected to expel the government.

After the latest political crisis Thailand’s army intervened declaring martial law, so much so jeeps with attached machine guns have been deployed to the capital hoping to resolve the matter.

The armed force demanded it was not assuming control, and it exited the country’s extremely debilitated overseer government in place. Yet twelve authority proclamations reported for the duration of the day — which consistently stretched the military’s energy and included media oversight and dangers to arraign rivals — filled hypothesis troops had completed what Human Rights Watch known as “a de facto coup.”

Prior to sunrise, troops quickly plunged on a few TV stations. The armed force has been issuing an arrangement of requests throughout the morning against spreading news

For more information please visit WSJDo you think social media should be a big part of what is happening with Thailand’s armed forces and declaration of martial law?

Thailand Army declares martial law and social media suspension

  • Justintime

    No the social media needs to be open for Thailand. In 1992 May. The army killed many youth. To this day no one knows how many of t he missing are accounted for. The number was close to 3000