Pinterest recipes for colorful cooking

Pinterest is not like Facebook where you are too scared to write something without being questioned etc, Pinterest is more relaxed and in a way more rewarding.

Finding Pinterest boards of interest is not hard at all, it only takes a little search and hey presto there it is. But the two most favored pins are to do with either recipes or weddings, and one that caught our eye is ‘Colorful Cooking’.

To brighten up a day we all need color, it puts a smile on our faces and this is exactly what Susan Berry wishes to do with her Pinterest board called ‘The Food ~ Colorful Cooking’, which is all about recipes with lots of COLOR.

Susan Berry has 843 Followers and is following 2,573, and her one board has 75 pins containing recipes with lots of color, she has many other boards worth looking into here.

Some examples of colourful foods include rainbow cookies, how to make rainbow fudge, cup cakes, pizza and so much more. The board is all about the colors in a rainbow and putting them into a recipe. Cooking food or making drinks etc with colorful rainbow colors will make it all so much more fun, it is all about having fun with it and experimenting.

Do you like recipes containing rainbow colors?

Pinterest recipes for colorful cooking