New Facebook Ask feature should be hit on me button

Facebook has introduced a new “Ask” button, which will have many believe the social networking site, is turning into some sort of dating helper.

CNN reports Facebook users now have the ability with the new “Ask” button to ping friends who have left their relationship status blank, the pinging allows users to ask friends what’s up.

Facebook has kept this new feature rollout a secret, they have been slowly releasing it out to countries include USA, only select countries have been chosen for now. If a users decides to click on the new Facebook “Ask” button it will open a new box, which contains text, this allows the user to ask a friend why you are asking for his/her relationship status. Users can also increase on their request by inviting them out for drinks.

The “Ask” button has been out a while on Facebook for other profile information; many users do not put their work details on their profile, but friends can click on the ask button letting that person know why you are asking for their work details, this is the same for the relationship ask button.

When a friend asks you about your work or relationship status it is up to you if you want to decline or answer them, if you do answer the information will be put on your profile. So if you do not wish it to go onto your profile do not answer the “Ask” request. If you do answer only you and the friend asking will see it on your profile unless you wish to share with others.

In many eyes this sounds very much like a “Hit On Me” button, what do you think?

New Facebook Ask feature basically a relationship helper