Facebook autoplay UK video ads won’t suck data

If you live in the UK then be prepared to see Facebook autoplay ads as they are releasing in the coming weeks, do not worry because they will not eat into your data.

The Facebook autoplay video ads according to Marketing Week will automatically play when you scroll down to them, even if you do not open them. The autoplay feature has been out a while on normal videos, so it was only a matter of time before Facebook decided to bring it to the adverts.

Do not worry Facebook users; unlike the normal autoplay videos the ad versions will only load if connected to WiFi. If you are still getting normal video autoplay in facebook just go into your devices settings and turn autoplay off or over WiFi only.

Facebook has turned into a massive ad machine, over the last 12 months alone they have increased ad revenues. The new ads will be with a limited amount of advertisers in France, UK and Australia. There will also be another feature called ‘Premium Video Ads’ and these will be release in Japan, Germany, Brazil and Canada.

In the respect of quality control Facebook will introduce the new ads in June, but most of them will run a little later, expect the ads to come slowly rather than all at once.

The autoplay adverts will run for 15 seconds as soon as you see it on the screen without any sound, if users scrolls past them they will stop playing and by tapping on the video it will open a whole screen and the sound will be included.

From advertising alone Facebook had strong figures for Q1 2014 making £1.34bn, this is up by 82% on Q1 2013.

What are your views on Facebook releasing autoplay video ads in the UK?

Facebook autoplay UK video ads will suck data