New Facebook button for election voters

The new Facebook ‘I’m a Voter’ button will be going global next week, the new button versions will be a great election feature for national elections.

The new I’m a Voter Facebook button was made available for the in India for voters, where the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi was chosen. The “I’m a Voter” Facebook button was used by over 4 million Indian voters during India’s parliamentary elections.

During the November 2012 presidential election over 9-million Americans used the button, so it will be very popular indeed for the European Parliament and Colombian elections begin next week, which is when it will be available to use.

It will also appear for those in Indonesia, South Korea, New Zealand, Sweden, Scotland and Brazil later on in the year, Americans will get to see it again in November when the midterm congressional elections begin.

When users click the Facebook I’m a Voter button it will broadcast their status to their friends letting them know they are a voter, even though it shows them as a voter it WILL NOT show how their vote was cast.

Facebook users will see a message this year in their news feed about the new button rollout.

Will you be using the Facebook I’m a Voter’ button when it shows up?

Source – Reuters

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