Attracting more brand followers through Instagram

Instagram is surely one of the coolest ways to connect with the socially engaged customers. As per the research, it was found that there are almost 130 million active users in the Instagram every month and each day almost 1 billion photos are being shared and liked by the users. But still, Instagram can prove to be fun only if other people are following you.

It is necessary for various business organizations to have a good following of their customers on Instagram. This can surely prove the easiest way to make their brand popular among different people. Thus, gaining more brand followers through Instagram or buying Instagram followers require to follow some of the major ethical techniques that are listed below:

Be specific with the reason as to why you want more Instagram followers
Before setting up an Instagram account, be specific with the reason as to why you need more followers for your brand. If you are just creating an account because you are feeling bored when nobody is following you or if you just need a good exposure or feedback for your photography then it is indeed a bad idea, as no one will be interested in doing that. If you want to promote your business as well as its specific brands, then you may proceed further with it.

Make your Instagram profile attractive along with needful description
The Instagram profile needs to have a clear profile in order to attract masses of audience. Have a relevant profile that connects with your business and could have a clear idea of what it actually is. Also the description mentioned in your profile must be relevant to the subject yet a catchy one. For an instance if you are setting up a profile for travelling industry the post some attractive travel pica along with the needful description.

Find the potential followers through hashtags and reach out to them
Just in order to get more followers one may get in front of the right people through a medium known as hashtags. If you are having account for travelling, the post your pictures along with the hashtag named #travelling. Similarly if you are advertising a brand, post it through applicable hashtags, which could be easy for the followers to search your brand and follow it.

Don’t post spammed hashtags
There are some people who just try to tag their photos with all the possible hashtags related to the picture in order to get more exposure to it. But it is not recommended to do so as the description related to the picture and the irrelevant and overloaded hashtags would really look bad and ultimately no followers would review that.

Avoid posting many photos at once
As soon as you get some of the new followers, it is important to keep them. Post your latest photos in a definite frequency rather than posting all of them at once. This will definitely help a lot, as the news feed will be regularly updated on your follower’s Instagram page. It is recommended to post many photos at once as it the photos will mess up and thus there are chances that you lose some of your followers.

Have an awesome Instagram feed on your page
The latest pictures uploaded on your Instagram should always look awesome as it would be the only one that most of the people would see before following your page. So just remember that quality means a lot in Instagram as compared to the quantity. So post your best captures on your page and delete the bad ones.

Have continuous engagement with your audience
This is very important point, as you need to remain continuously engaged with your audience. Do reply to their comments as well as their feedbacks. There are some of the people, who would be asking various queries, so do reply to their queries too.

Thus, these are top 7 ethical ways or techniques to attract more Instagram followers towards your brand. Apply these techniques and enjoy an awesome flow of followers towards your brand or product.

OSM would like to say a big thanks to Chris for his views on Instagram marketing, he has a lot of experience of advertising through Instagram and suggest ethical techniques in order to buy more Instagram followers with Insta Boom.

How many Instagram followers do you have, and what advice would you give new users?

Attracting more brand followers through Instagram