Twitter mute button in practical vs pointless

The Twitter mute button is now up and running, but this has caused mixed reactions with some saying its practical and other saying it’s pointless.

On Monday this week Twitter had a small update, which allows users to mute followers they are no longer interested in. There are so many users that flood your timeline and this can be a pain in the backside, and this is why the new Twitter mute button was added.

Our screenshot above shows the new mute button, which can be found under ‘More’ on your tweets.

If you want to hear less from certain people just mute them, the mute button has been questioned with some saying it is pointless. Why mute someone, if you do not want to hear from them on your Twitter timeline just unfollow him or her.

Muting someone on Twitter means you will not get timeline messages or notifications, another words they will not be a part of your activity on the timeline.

But here is the clever bit, and this is most definitely practical; Even though you muted a certain person they can still see your tweets, which means they will be able to comment, retweet your posts. The Mute button just gives you more control in what you see on your timeline.

Do you think the Twitter mute button is practical or pointless?

Twitter mute button in practical vs pointless