Social media explodes after Michael Sam boyfriend kiss

The Michael Sam boyfriend kiss video is causing somewhat of a social media stir, the reactions on Twitter are immense with some not liking it at all and others saying there are other major problems in life.

When you visit Twitter you only need to search Michael Sam or Michael Sam kiss and you will see thousands of tweets, a sportsman gets drafted in the NFL and he celebrated by kissing his boyfriend – So what is wrong with that? According to some, a lot.

After the NFL Draft star kissed his boyfriend social media reactions exploded, some with a lot of hatred. A few sites have even classed the kiss soft porn. So a man kisses his boyfriend after he was drafted and then Sam slaps cake in his boyfriends face and kisses it off, and they call this soft porn.

Michael Sam was just very pleased indeed when his name was called by St Louis Rams, the reactions exploded on Twitter so much so Miami Dolphins Don Jones made a public apology after his tweet.

NFL offensive lineman Roman Oben – tweeted, “Watching Michael Sam kiss his partner on national TV w/ my 12yr old son was a very teachable moment for him & fir me as a parent. #NFLDraft.”

K. Thor Jensen tweeted, “Hey @espn I’ll pay you $100 to just loop the Michael Sam kiss for the next 24 hours. You can even break for commercials. I’ll PayPal you.”

What are your views on Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend?

Other Twitter Reactions

Please do watch the YouTube video below titled ‘Michael Sam Reacts to Being Drafted by the Rams’,

Social media explodes after Michael Sam boyfriend kiss