Reddit down for select users

Just over a month ago was the last time Reddit was down and this was due to maintenance on one of its postgres clusters. But, now there seems to be a few Reddit users saying they cannot get onto the site.

The update a month ago in April was to do an update on its database servers from PostgreSQL 9.0 to 9.3, but this was sorted and everything seems to be running smoothly. We here at OSM are not having any issues with Reddit, but for a few they are having issues.

Down Detector published on 05/13/2014 12:10AM that Reddit is having a few issues, but since they published this Reddit news no one has commented. So we asked a few social network friends if they were having any Reddit issues and only one out of 30 people we asked said yes they are.

The person above said they are having issues with the login process, they try to log in to Reddit and they cannot. Obviously this is not a global problem, it seems only a few are having issues.

We visited and they report Reddit was last down 6 hours 10 mins ago, but yet again no recent comments from users complaining about downtime or problems.

Are you having Reddit problems at the moment?

Reddit down for me not everyone