Pinterest ads are subtle promoted pins

Pinterest has always been free of ads just like Twitter, Google Plus etc. But, in what only a matter of time before ads showed up on the pin sharing social site.

Pinterest need to earn money and we all knew this was coming, and after AdAge back in March reported Pinterest raising $564M but with no revenue spending commitments went through the roof.

These commitments were between $1 million and $2 million from advertisers, with CPMs being priced at around $30 to $40.

Both Twitter and Facebook introduced ads and now it is the turn of Pinterest, but unlike Facebook’s ads the ones on Pinterest are subtle promoted pins, which means you hardly notice them because they look like all other pins.

Pinterest promoted pins are sponsored by brands such as Lululemon Athletica, General Mills, Kraft, Nestle, Target, Gap and many more. Ads will start popping up in users’ category feeds and search results and they will be in good taste and related to what Pinterest users’ are interested in.

User feedback will help improve promoted pins, this means Pinterest will listen and make sure all are happy. Over 30-billion pins have been added to Pinterest and so many of them are by brands, Pinterest is all about inspiration, ideas, and so much more and the company hopes promoted pins will help pinners connect more.

Users will see Pinterest promoted pins in US only, other countries will see the roll out soon – Are you happy with Pinterest promoted pins?

Pinterest ads are subtle promoted pins