Facebook China censorship not stopping new office

Even though Facebook is banned in China and the censorship continues, it is not stopping the company opening a new sales office in the country.

It may be true the social network is banned in China but new reports via Reuters confirms Facebook looking in Beijing for office space to purchase, seems like even after 5 years of being banned Facebook are still going to arrive.

Facebook is in talks to lease an office in the Fortune Financial Center in Beijing; this will be solely used to handle all sales, which is increasing demand from companies in China wanting to advertise on the network.

A lot of Facebook revenue comes from Asia so it makes sense to open an office in China, the Facebook ban will probably never be lifted in China even if they do set up shop there.

The Facebook office purchase is a great way for Mark Zuckerberg to get close to Chinese officials who out the ban on Facebook, sky would be the limit if Facebook China were to open – we will let you know more about the Facebook China office as soon as we know more.

Would you like Facebook to open in China?

Facebook China censorship not stopping new office