LinkedIn Polls in Groups retirement countdown, alternatives

The closure of LinkedIn Polls in Groups countdown has begun and in only three days from today there will no longer be any support, this is the LinkedIn polling retirement.

As of May 15, 2014 LinkedIn Polls in Groups will be coming to a close, along with this feature all associated data with previously created polls will be removed.

In December 2011 this feature was created, the polls were a simple process of unlocking the insights of a LinkedIn Members’ group. The retirement is near because LinkedIn are always trying to strive when it comes to providing its members efficient and simple experiences, they are looking into its current product and features as well as looking into new things to focus on resources on building such products.

LinkedIn members can still have conversations on the LinkedIn homepage; there are a few LinkedIn Polls in Groups alternatives’ such as Wedgies and Voice, maybe you would like to give one of these a go. Please do let us know if you have any other alternatives?

What are your views on LinkedIn Polls in Groups retiring?

LinkedIn Polls in Groups retirement countdown, alternatives