Facebook problems still occurring after downtime

On May 9, 2014 Facebook had an outage problem, and if you look at the Facebook Platform Status page users encountered downtime. There did seem to be a site wide problem with Facebook that all seems to be fixed, but some complaints are still coming in.

TNW reported Facebook had issues and that they completed backend service repairs, the Facebook Platform Status page now says it is all healthy. Users were unable to access Facebook, this issue mainly occurred in the US.

But after looking into this a little more we are seeing tweets coming in about Facebook, Careers Warrington tweeted, “Still experiencing problems with our Facebook page we are hoping it will be up again soon. Vacancies are available in the Careers Centre,” this tweet was posted just a few hours ago.

Wagner said, “#ALERT –> Facebook is down or having service trouble!!” and this was only tweeted 20 minutes ago.

Over on Down Detector scroll below the Facebook comments and look at the tweets coming in, some of these are dated today, which tells us there are s till a few teething problems for some.

Are you having Facebook problems of any sort? – OSM has had no problems with Facebook at all.

Facebook problems still occurring after downtime

  • Patricia

    Yes, the uploading/downloading of photos either facebook pals or mine take forever to appear. A gray square….and that annoying little circle….even statuses updates don’t load at normal/usual speeds.