Real Facebook friend relationships to stop spring-cleaning

It happens all the time when Facebook users decide it is time to delete friends they have no contact with anymore from the friends list, this is what they call spring-cleaning. But, one man decided to do this in an unorthodox way.

We all accumulate Facebook friends and some we chat to and some we do not, this is when Facebook users decide to delete these not so-called friends of the list, but this is not the way Mikel McLaughlin is going about it.

Mikel McLaughlin say’s he has 384 friends and before deleting friends he wants to stay friends with them all by meeting them in person, 35-year-old army veteran has rented a red Beetle and hitting the road to meet up with those on his Facebook list, he has already met up with someone called ‘J’ in St Cloud in Minnesota.

The Facebook users said he decided on doing this after having many thoughts, he said Facebook users were ‘spring cleaning’ on their Facebook accounts by deleting friends they no longer talk to. If you delete friends it means you never really spoke to them recently, so his idea is to meet with them and speak in person hopefully preventing him deleting.

His epic adventure started on April 2, some say this was an April Fools’ Joke but we have been told it was not, but if you visit his blog called “We’re Friends, Right?”

His last entry on his blog was Day 34 on May 5, please read more about his Real Facebook friend relationships to stop spring-cleaning here.

Can you really transform Facebook friends into actual friends?

Real Facebook friend relationships to stop spring-cleaning