LinkedIn relationship beyond the contract with HCL

LinkedIn and global IT services provider HCL Technologies have joined forces to launch a new online application called ‘Relationship Beyond the Contract’.

The new ‘Relationship Beyond the Contract’ allows LinkedIn users to go one step further beyond existing contracts, this is a great way to encourage users to do so and we recommend you watching the short YouTube clip below.

This has now been launched globally in French, English and German and helps those understand the altering nature of business actions as part of the first stage of a worldwide movement aimed at encouraging more employees and businesses to build relationship beyond the contract.

The HCL, LinkedIn joint venture is a web-based application, all you need to do is visit here and sing-in with your LinkedIn account details. This is all about acknowledging professional relationships, which you believe have gone beyond the contract – rather simple really.

HCL have an amazing social media following, Over on Facebook they have 583,488 fans, Twitter 212k and on Google Plus they have 2,467 followers. For more information about HCL partnering with LinkedIn and beyond contract please visit here.

Have you joined the HCL, LinkedIn ‘Relationship Beyond the Contract’ campaign yet?

LinkedIn relationship beyond the contract with HCL