Gmail problems most reported May 2014

Gmail for the majority is up and running smoothly with no issues at all, but for some the persistent problems are continuing with no explanations to determine why.

The Gmail email most reported problems are to do with log in with 72%, 18% are having problems with emails send or receiving messages and 9% with Send > receive messages.

Down Detector reports the last issue being 05/05/2014 2:40PM, but the last problems were listed yesterday with the last one being 22 hours ago by Steve Bollinger who says, “My Gmail is fine. What has been VERY slow in the past month is pulling up contacts. I type in “John” for example and sometimes it takes up to 30 second to display all my “Johns” never had this problem before. It is like a recent code update caused a problem.”

Another Gmail users said they have not received emails for the last few hours, when normally they will get between 5 to 10 emails an hour, this user is located in London and wishes to know if anyone else is having Google Mail problems.

Other than Gmail Log in problems other users are complaining about the inability to update their Gmail inbox and not being able to delete mail. Some emails are not sending and not even getting a message failure notice.

OSM is not having any problems with Gmail, everything seems to be up and running fine, if you are having Gmail problems or it is slow etc please follow these online instructions here.

Are you having Gmail problems? If you are or not please let us know what country and area you are in

Gmail problems most reported May 2014


    I need my email nd password my phone its block phone model is mtn stapper

  • Sofia

    cannot access my gmail page. Page won’t load on google chrome over the last 2 days 9 and 10 May

  • Manu LG

    Just now, I’ve received emails that they were sent 10 hours ago.

  • hankcho

    Similar problems in China. Delayed mails. Not arriving at all where it should. It has been like this for few days.

  • Activ Hub- China Digital Intel

    Still an issue in Beijing as well, taking ages to load, crashes without warning and I suspect some mail has been lost. Locals were blaming Great Firewall, but interestingly, other “controversial” sites are opening. Been like this on and off for some time now, maybe since early May