Business owners need social media marketing strategies

It makes perfect sense when other business owners suggest a social media marketing strategy, social media is highly comprehensive and a way of getting the maximum exposure is by using the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc.

Below you can see the Infographic titled, β€œTop 8 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business,” and this provides and insight on how to survive online with 8 simple steps.

The top 8 things the infographic goes into covers – 1) Review the history and explore what works today, 2) Build a team or hire a company before you start working with social media, 3) Set your own goals and find out the right way the achieve that, 4) Listen, compare and plan content for your audience, 5) Develop a specific channel plan to maximize the outcomes, 6) Plan for mobile and other smartphones carefully, 7) Monitor and analyze regularly and precisely, and last is number 8) Optimize your campaign, rinse and repeat the successful strategy.

You can look at the infographic below and take on board about reviewing the history and exploring what works today, but through experience what does actually work is constant daily social media updates. We have never had to use another company to run our social media side of things, but then in some cases many businesses do need a 3rd party team and this is well worth doing if you want to be socially known on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

47% of those in USA say Facebook has helped them make a purchase, so it makes sense to be apart of this social media platform. 23 % of the Facebook users log in more than once a day; in most cases the average is 5 times per day.

Please take a look at the infographic below and have a read – What social media marketing strategy are you using for your business?

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

Business owners need social media marketing strategies

  • Justin Belmont

    This is a great infographic that gives a lot of great tips for social media marketing. I especially liked the tip of hiring a third party company, like Prose Media, to help out with your social media interaction. The social media world is ultra-competitive now, and it could be immensely beneficial to have professional marketers on your side. Great post!