Facebook problems with opening timeline, pages

Facebook problems seem to be occurring even though we cannot see them, the main issue seems to surround the timeline opening, it opens after a while but very slow in doing so.

We decided to dig into this a little deeper because we are not seeing any problems at all, we received a few emails and this is what prompted us to ask around to see if they are having any issues.

After visiting Isitdownrightnow.com, Facebooks’ response time is 50.55 ms and hasn’t had any problems for over a week, even when we visited downdetector.com everything is all ok, the last issue according to the last source was on April 27th.

The Facebook issue on April 27 was reported at 4:20 AM EDT, it came with these stats – Total blackout (49%), Post messages > pictures (27%) and Log in (22%). The main issue seemed to surround Facebook settings and news feed; apparently these were reported as not working properly in users other new page.

A few comments have been posted onto Isitdownrightnow.com with one saying, “The front page loads but video content will not load, just gives a black screen. May as well be down so they can fix this bs.” – This was posted just over 6 hours ago.

Another comment posted 10 hours ago said, “Posts not appearing or if they do, they disappear. Posts from my pages I like not showing in my news feed (even though I am following) but are there if I go to the page.”

Given the above it seems a few are having Facebook timeline and pages problems, we asked about 20 of our friends and all seems to be working fine, but clearly a few are having issues.

Are you having any Facebook problems at the moment? If so please do comment below.

Facebook problems with opening timeline, pages

  • aleksthegreat

    My business page won’t allow me to post anything and hardly loads.

  • Pat O’Dell

    My timeline will only load the cover photo