Twitter stock drop surely an investors worry

Seems like there could be a slight worry for investors, when it comes to Twitter’s user base the numbers are going up, not very fast at 5.8% in the last quarter but it is a growth – However, 5.8% compared to 10% a year ago is a big difference.

Twitter’s ad revenue is down per 1000 timeline views; it went from $1.49 last quarter to a lower $1.44 this quarter with a net loss of $132 million.

Taking that into account it does not get any better when it comes to Twitter’s stocks, falling more than 10pc after hours to $38.05, which is not too good considering the November 2013 post-IPO low of $38.80

The 255 million monthly Twitter users are not checking the tweeting service as much as they did a year ago; slowing impetus is the key problem here. Twitter had one of the world’s expensive stocks when Twitter loved every minute of the $46bn market capitalization on just $665m of revenue in 2013.

The Twitter design was revamped, which we do love the look off. But, this does not seem enough at the moment. Huffington Post report CEO Dick Costolo remaining upbeat, he said Twitter has seen a 26% boost in retweets and favourites in the last quarter.

Twitter needs to provide more of an experience for those that are logged in, not sure what these will be but Twitter will be sure to act on them.

Do you think Twitter investors should worry a little? The state of Twitter from 2013 to 2014 can be read here.

Twitter stock drop surely an investors worry