The state of Twitter 2013 vs 2014 breakdown

Twitter as we all know is a social network everyone has come accustom too, and it is a growing phenomenon. But what is the state of Twitter now in 2014 compared to 2013?

We have broken down the two infographics created by DashBurst for the Jeffbullas Blog, this is comparing ‘The State of Twitter in 2013’ and ‘The State of Twitter in 2014’ – Let’s see the difference shall we.

Twitter is growing very fast and when it went public in November of 2013 the IPO has us on the edge of our seats, but when the IPO went live TWTR closed at $44.90 after opening at $26.00. Not much has changed really seeing as Twitter trades at $44.60. However, they did lose a staggering $34 million in the recent quarterly report.

In 2013 the total number of tweets sent were 170 billion, in 2014 the number climbed to 300 billion.

Tweets in 2013 with image links have double engagement rate (2X) and in 2014 tweets have 5X the engagement rate. In 2013 there were 20 million fake Twitter users, 200 million monthly active users and 80% accessing Twitter via mobile devices. But, in 2014 the number of fake users have not changed, but there are now 241 million active users and a staggering 184m mobile monthly active users. Look at the two infographics below.

state of twitter pic 1

state of twitter pic 2

There is no change in 2013 and 2014 when it comes to the cost of a 24-hour promoted trend as they both sit at 200k, and in both years China having the most Twitter users sits at 35.5m. It does changed when it comes to the number of Twitter employees as 2013 has 900+ and in 2014 the number sits at 2000. The most followed celebrity on Twitter in 2013 was Justin Bieber (51.2m) and this year Katy Perry was top with 51.6m followers (After the infographic was done her followers have gone up to 52.6m).

state of twitter pic 3

state of twitter pic 4

In both 2013 and 2014 there has been no change when it comes to the average time per month spent by users on Twitter – this average time is 170 minutes.

state of twitter pic 5

Brands on Twitter having multiple accounts sit at 63% for both 2013 and 2014, even the number of Vine users has not changed since last and this year at 40m. The number of Vines tweeted per second still sits at 5 for 2013 and 2014 – so no change there. The most followed brand on Twitter is YouTube and the infographic shows in 2013 there were 33m followers, and in 2014 the number is now at 40m (We have just checked and the number now sits at 41.6m).

state of twitter pic 6

state of twitter pic 7

There is no change when it comes to the most tweets by a user called NECRO, in both 2013 and 2014 the number are 6.9m, and there has been a massive change from 2013 and 2014 when it comes to the estimated value of Twitter at 10 billion compared to 27 billion respective.

The most retweeted message of all time at 3.4m was Ellen’s Oscars’ selfie.

What has surprised you most of all when it comes to the state of Twitter from 2013 to 2014?

state of twitter 2013

state of twitter 2014

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The state of Twitter 2013 vs 2014 breakdown