Rihanna Instagram caution for topless photos

Instagram and Twitter got a whole lot of superstar Rihanna recently with a barrage of photos showing her topless, even more than that her nipples were on show and this was not liked at all by Instagram prompting her to remove them or she could have lost her account.

Rihanna seems to like being a little too revealing at the best of times, if this makes her happy then it is good, but putting photos of herself showing off her breasts and nipples on Instagram is not a good idea considering there are many followers of all age groups.

Rihanna’s topless photos were on the front cover of French magazine Lui and this photo was liked that much it went viral on both Instagram and Twitter, in the end the photo was too much for Instagram and they cautioned the pop star and her fans from posting the sexy snaps.

We all know Rihanna likes to be controversial and this is good for her omage, it is who she is as a pop star, she has never been shy of showing a little skin in her modelling career. You cannot see the sexy photo over on Instagram but you can on this Twitter media page here and more.

The badgalriri on Instagram has 12,852,783 followers, so it makes sense that she took down the pictures on her Instagram account, otherwise she would have had it taken down.

TMZ reports Rihanna receiving a warning email suggesting she should not publish her nude pictures, and in a nutshell if she did not comply she would lose her account.

Do you think Instagram were right to warn Rihanna about her topless photos?

Rihanna Instagram caution for topless photos