New Google Plus join community buttons in recommended

New ‘join’ and ‘ask to join’ buttons have been added to the Google Plus ‘Discover communities Recommended for you’ category.

The new buttons are now very easy if you want to join multiple communities, this is a very quick process now, all you need to do is go to your Google Plus page and then click on profiles top left and then Communities, once there just click on ‘Recommended for you’ and you will see the new buttons.

It was Google Plus Daily that first spotted the new join buttons, like always they are always on the ball when it comes to changes within Google Plus – Cheers guys.

Some communities do not have the ‘Join’ button, but instead they have the ‘Ask to Join’ button, which basically means users have to get permission fort before joining. These suggestion cards with the join and ask to join buttons are great, and we know many G+ users will love it.

Do you like the new Google Plus community join buttons?

New Google Plus join community buttons in recommended