LinkedIn Groups and what’s new

LinkedIn Groups are now very easy to browse, the professional networking site recently rolled out a new main Groups page where users will find discussions from across their groups in one central place.

Plus, LinkedIn has introduced a new tab on the right of a discussion page that will suggest another discussion you might like – Please check it out here.

Next up is ‘Moderation of group posts’ – LinkedIn responded to members when they asked for help in keeping groups on topic, so they introduced a new feature to enhance the overall Groups experience.

The new ‘Moderation of group posts’ may place a member’s discussions into the submission queue depending on their past posting behavior. It’s triggered by both group member and manager actions like flagging, deleting contributions, moving job posts off the main tab or mass postings – For more information please read here.

Last but not least is the latest news covering LinkedIn polls in groups no longer being supported, this means polls will be retired. To focus on creating even better products for our members, we’ll be retiring Polls in Groups on May 15, 2014. Are you sad to see it go? You can still post questions to get the group’s response.

Have you anything to say about what’s new in LinkedIn Groups? Please do comment below, love to know what your opinions are.

LinkedIn Groups and what’s new

  • Keith Grover

    This is actually worse than I thought…the new Groups page totally SUCKS!

    If you go to Groups from the Interests dropdown you only see the first six Groups on your list. You have to click the View More link to be shown all your Groups as large ‘icon’ graphics.

    They start with the ones you have created and manage yourself, then the rest are in alphabetical order. You’re supposed to be able to re-order them.when you click the Settings cogwheel icon, but I can’t make this function work.

    When you mouse over these large icons to try and click them to go to your chosen group, you find that they are very position-sensitive and you have to click on the ‘hot’ part of the icon to make the link work. Either this is RUBBISH, or I am rubbish because I haven’t found out how to work it. Please don’t make it so hard for me, LinkedIn!

    The only work-around I have found is to click the settings cogwheel as soon as I hit the Groups page and click on the group I want in the list view.

    This is graphics for graphics’ sake – for heaven’s sake, please fix it!