Emma Stone secret Pinterest and Fallon lip sync

The hunt begins to find the Emma Stone secret Pinterest account, we want to see it, Jimmy Fallon wants to see it but Stone say’s it is not possible.

On The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Emma Stone revealed she had a Pinterest account but it is secret, she said her Pinterest is a secret because she would be humiliated if anyone saw the amount of inspirational quotes she has, then say’s “”Just pick yourself up by the bootstraps.”

Fallon being the comic said, “I have no Pinterest in it at all,” which is funny but old. Stone said in a nutshell Pinterest is like a mood board and is a way to build your dream life.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 actress after talking about her secret Pinterest account saw the battle of Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallow lip sync battle, and this has to be the most epic ones yet, it is by far a favorite to date.

Watch the video below to see Fallon start with his lip sync to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, this was smashed by Stone’s version of Hook by the Blues Traveler, oh my god this was sensational.

Fallon then made a comeback with the brilliant Mr. Roboto, but Stone did it again with DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win – The WINNER is clearly Emma Stone, just watch the video below.

The hunt for Emma Stone’s Pinterest has begun, can you find it (The official one)?

The first video is the chatty bit with Fallon, the second in the lip sync battle.

Emma Stone secret Pinterest and Fallon lip sync