Crystal Cruises Facebook reports Serenity 2014 repairs

Crystal Cruises‘ Serenity ship was sailing from Spain to Monte Carlo in the Mediterranean when a rouge wave hit the ship and smashed windows, which cause slight damage to the main dining room according to the official Facebook page.

The 1,070-passenger Crystal Serenity was hit by the wave on Saturday on April 26th 2014, it was early hours of the morning when around three windows were smashed by the wave allowing water to come into the ship’s dining room.

Over on the Facebook page here you can see the comments coming in hoping everyone is ok, one comment came via Ed Voosen who said, “We had been moved from deck 10 to 7 for this segment and we are more amidships so, frankly, we didn’t even know of the wave until we heard the announcement that the dining room be closed to make repairs to a few windows. We ate in the dining room last night and repairs were completed. The crew and staff on this ship are amazing. I am proud to be a part of the team on board.”

Cruise Critic reports Temporary repairs were made on the night of the accident even though most of the ships’ passengers were unaware of the windows being smashed. When daylight broke the ships’ windows were properly fixed as well as the interior of the dining room being cleaned.

The Crystal Serenity is happily cruising on a 13-night Mediterranean cruise from Southampton to Rome.

Was you on board the Crystal Serenity when the rogue wave hit?

Crystal Cruises Facebook reports Serenity 2014 repairs