Teens dumping social networking sites is not a worry

New reports are in suggesting teens are dumping social networking sites, those being dumped include traditional sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc in favour of SnapChat, Instagram, Tumblr and many more.

A survey by GlobalWebIndex revealed Snapchat being one of the top favoured services to be used by teenagers, this saw a massive increase of 60 per cent between Q3 and Q4 2013.

The Telegraph goes into detail explaining privacy is one of the main factors why teens are leaving social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, using other services means they will get more privacy and personal forms of communication.

Teenagers are very clever indeed and can have multiple devices on the go, as well as different PC displays open at one given time so that they can access more than one social network. But, they want to be as private as they can be and Facebook in a way does not offer this, Twitter does not offer this as much as the services mentioned above.

In the survey 170,000 users in 32 counties were interviewed, Twitter has fallen by three per cent and Facebook nine per cent, even YouTube saw a seven per cent drop. Teens are shifting from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in favour of SnapChat and other messaging services.

Are you a teen leaving the likes of Facebook and Twitter for something else?

There is no worry what so ever when it comes to a few teens leaving traditional social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc, these are still very popular and the social logins infographic we reported last week shows this.

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  • Mini Mansell

    teens are the next adults though.
    if they leave, then theres no one to replace them. Facebook and Twitter need to look at history. Myspace disapeared almost overnight. it can happen, and no doubt will happen again.