LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner salary boosted with stocks

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has just made his salary a very attractive one; his pay increase has been done so with a compensation package including stocks and option awards. Last year the compensation package was valued at $49.1 million.

The number above means Jeff Weiner is up by $1.2 million in 2012, and a staggering $7.6 million in 2011, which is the year LinkedIn went public. From 2012 to 2013 Weiner’s salary went from $535,000 to $583,750 and it was the 2013 compensation stock and option awards totaling $47.4 million that boosted it all for him.

It is still not known what the Jeff Weiner net worth is to the last cent, but in 2013 he did exercise stock options, bringing in $169.8 million. It gets better for the LinkedIn CEO because he also netted a cash bonus of $1.1 million and another $4,664 in other compensation, this included over 400k matching contributions.

The LinkedIn stock seems to be sitting pretty gaining 89 percent in 2013, up 24 percent to $26.8 million from $21.6 million, which is 23 cents per share compared to 19 cents per share in 2012.

LinkedIn’s revenue went from $972.3 million to $1.53 billion climbing an aggressive rate of 57 percent, for more information please visit USA Today for the full report.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner salary boosted with stocks