Jaden Smith tweets about sin, debate continues

Jaden Smith sparked a massive Twitter debate after he tweeted, “Unawareness Is The Only Sin, And If You Were Aware You Would Know.” Talking about sin and sinning online will always cause a debate and this is what Will Smiths’ son did.

15 year old Jaden Smith is a well-known actor and the son of Will Smith, Jaden has 5.09 million followers so he will attract many responses when he tweets.

The tweet gained so many comments and was retweeted 2127 times and added to favorites 2525 times, many followers reacted and tweeted back.

One follow said, “@officialjaden I respectfully disagree. God clearly defines what sin is in his word.” Another tweeted, “@officialjaden i dunno about that jaden… i think murder is a sin yeah?” “@officialjaden @giesyre so if your bulling someone mentally but don’t know it hurts them, are you not sinning.”

Here are more replies to Jaden’s tweet –

Read more comments after the Sin tweet here.

After Jaden Smith posted his sin tweet he knew he got a lot of reaction, the debate was crazy and replied with these tweets below –

What we do not get are the nasty comments that come it, Jaden tweeted another message yesterday saying, “Young Jaden: Here’s The Deal For Every Time Out You Give Me, You’ll Give Me 15 Dollars For Therapy When I Get Older.” One commenter replied with this below – why do people follow him if all they do is slag him off, unfollow people if you do not like.

What are your views on the Jaden Smith sin tweet?

Jaden Smith tweets about sin

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    Just for attention.