Google Plus post ads amplifies search, content and hangouts

Google Plus post ads or also known as +Post ads is the new idea making content and hangouts interactive, this has now moved forward and left the testing phase, which was limited and is available to all Google Plus members with 1,000 followers or more.

Engaging is the keyword here, other users will be able to comment on your ad, they can also join a live Hangout On Air, share the ad with friends etc and so much more. Friends or brands can reply to comments, which gives a more interactive one-to-one with customers etc.

If you decide to run a Google Plus ad campaign and then it ends it will still be in the Google archive, which will then become searchable on Google Search, continuous advertising so to speak.

When it comes to Google Hangouts this option is very good indeed, it means advertisers can show of their products live. This is about engagement and those interested in the product asking companies questions direct, and once the hangout has finished being able to watch the recording afterwards if you missed it.

When the limited test process was underway Google said it reported a higher engagement rate and as much as 50% higher from +Post ads.

For more information please visit Google Inside Adwords, requirements include more than 1,000 plus followers, and +post ads must contain relevant content to your Google Plus audience.

What do you think of the Google Plus post ads?

Google Plus post ads amplifies search, content and hangouts