YouTube most viewed videos, first to shocking

YouTube was founded February 14, 2005 and the first ever video uploaded onto the site was by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim called “Me at the zoo” on April 23, 2005. Since then the video-sharing site has gone ballistic with billions of videos and trillions of views.

Now nine years later YouTube has more than one billion unique users a month with over 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute.

The first ever video by Jawed Karim boasts has had 14,360,646 views since it was first uploaded onto YouTube, it is only 19-seconds long with him in front of some elephants at the San Diego Zoo. He say’s in the video, ““cool thing” about the animals is that “they have really, really, really long, um, trunks.”

Since then we have seen some amazing videos, take this somewhat weird video titled “Nyan Cat original”, which was uploaded 5 Apr 2011 and since then has amassed a huge 108,283,198 views.

The YouTube video with the most ever lifetime views to date is “PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V”, which has had 1,957,659,386 so far and still climbing. Not bad considering it was only put on YouTube on two years ago.

The next most viewed video of all time is “Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris” with 1,025,024,559.

A shocking and heartfelt video that sticks out in our mind is the one where Tommy Cooper dies on Her Majesty’s 1984 stage, this video was uploaded on 12 Oct 2013 and we are somewhat surprised it has not been taken down, the audience believe it is part of his humour and magic.

What is your best and worst ever YouTube video to date?

YouTube most viewed videos and first