Heartbleed bug prompts password change for Healthcare.gov users

Users at healthcare.gov are the most recent to reset their passwords because of the Heartbleed bug. The government’s medicinal services commercial center conveyed a notice through the weekend encouraging individuals to change their passwords in association with the computer bug. The authority declaration said they don’t accept data has been compromised yet but the change out regards an alert.

Mashable shared websites affected by the ‘Heartbleed Bug’ showing off the organizations that have been influenced by the bug. The list shows those recommend password changes on popular sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, along with Flickr, Netflix and YouTube.

The Heartbleed bug has been a cause for concern and has left many sites vulnerable to hacking, could it really be that bad that cyber thieves could come along and steal passwords and other credentials?

Are websites vulnerable to the breach if the problem has been fixed before a password change is completed? These are some of the questions OSM have been asked, but we are not experts on the Heartbleed bug so will allow our readers to answer this for us.

Please do read more about protecting your marketplace account after the Heartbleed bug surfaced here.

Heartbleed bug prompts password change for Healthcare.gov users