Facebook actually launched FB Newswire March 2014

Facebook has launched the new FB Newswire, which is being powered by Storyful and offers millions of writers a storehouse of checked, ongoing substance for utilization in blanket breaking news stories.

News is made on Facebook on a daily basis and majority of FB users find their news there, over one billion users like to chat, explore and read the news-making events around the world.

Even though you can get to grips with the new FB Newswire, it was actually first launched in March 25 even though the Facebook official website reports the news today. If you visit the FB Newswire profile now and click on the ‘Launced’ link on the right-hand side, it will take you to the bottom of the page and shows the March 25 date.

We grabbed the embed code on a news piece from FB Newswire and the content looks like this below –

What we like the most is readers from around the world can read the newsworthy content and then grab the embed code and then share – it is as simple as copying and pasting the code into your website.

FB Newswire is accessible on Twitter at @FBNewswire and Facebook at Facebook.com/FBNewswire, the news content is shared by both organizations and individuals from all over the world. The content can contain photos, videos or simple status updates posted by those who are talking about events, elections, protests etc.

Are you going to like the new FB Newswire page?

Facebook actually launched  FB Newswire March 2014