Ask president Obama a question: Cambodia, Flight MH370 mentioned

U.S President Barack Obama is in Malaysia from April 26 to 28 2014 at the Southeast Asian youth in Kuala Lumpur, and the United States Embassy is allowing Facebook users to ask questions.

Ask president Obama a question; what do you want to ask him? Questions will be picked and then put forward to the 100 young leaders attending the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) workshop.

Once the questions have been put forward the president will then do his very best to answer them, so many questions have already been posted onto this Ask President Obama! Facebook page (Link Below).

Two of the main questions surround ‘Flight MH370’ and ‘Cambodia political situation’, to you’re your questions, you will see the Ask President Obama! Post via

Another question we spotted on Facebook included, “Hi Mr President, as one of the Cambodia citizens I see my country’s democracy nowadays going backwards. I wish to get your opinion whether or not you as a father of the democracy can do anything to have Cambodia’s democracy back on it track?”

What would you like to ask President Barack Obama?

Ask president Obama a question- Cambodia, Flight MH370 mentioned