LinkedIn registered users today vs 5 years ago

5 years ago there were 61% of male LinkedIn users and 39% of female users, today there are 56% of male users and 44% of female registered LinkedIn users.

Registered users outside of the U.S and Europe expanded, five years ago number 1 slot of memberships were in U.S, 2 was Great Britain then India followed by Canada and Netherlands. Today the top five list is as follows – U.S, India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada.

LinkedIn recently topped its 300 million registered users worldwide, over half of these are outside the U.S. It seems 5 years on and LinkedIn has balanced it’s male and female users.

Back in 2009 LinkedIn members worked in areas such as finance and information technology, now in 2014 the list includes education, health care and construction. It now seems LinkedIn are after the 3 billion barrier, they even said “The Next Three Billion.”

The professional social site will give its members access to its business knowledge, LinkedIn has provided content via millions of publishers through Pulse, Influencer posts from approximately 500 of the greatest minds in business, the publishing platform roll out still continues and will expand SlideShare and LinkedIn Groups.

Please do read the Infographic below explaining the LinkedIn registered users today vs 5 years ago. LinkedIn is very strong indeed with its 15 million profile views per day with 1.45 million job views via mobile.

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LinkedIn registered users today vs 5 years ago